Pirateers Game Review – It's A Pirate's Life For Us!


Pirateers is a fantastic adventure game in which you are able to get behind the wheel of a good old fashioned Pirate ship and make your way to Pirate fame!

The player has a lot of freedom in the game and can choose how they wish to play and complete tasks in any order which is one of the highlights of the game. Sail the seas, Battle against other dangerous pirates, Run away from Navy Fleets, Take on quests, plunder for gold and even hunt out secret hidden treasure spots.

Follow the story line and journey through the virtual world trying to find the 5 pieces of Neptune's Eye. Or if you prefer why not just do what Pirate's like to do best and be a scallywag robbing some merchants? The choice is up to you young Captain!

Ships & Ship Upgrades

In Pirateers, you can captain one of 3 ships –

The Batavia

Speed ​​- Average

Damage – Average

Armor – Average

Extras – Pirate Launcher, Dragon Ram

The AveMaria

Speed ​​- Low

Damage – High

Armor – High

Extras – Giant Fishnet, Revenge

Note: The AveMaria is only playable once you've completed the game with Batavia.

The Janamahe

Speed ​​- High

Damage – Average

Armor – Low

Extras – Oil Spray, Energy Cloak

Note: The Janamahe is only playable if you play the game direct on Armor Games.

Each ship can be improved and upgraded by going to the Ship Yard once you have earn't or plundered enough booty.

Here you can upgrade the following ship's options:

Armor Upgrade – Improves Defense

Speed ​​- Improves Max Speed

Charge – Improves Cannon Reload Time

Cargo – Hold and Loot more Gold / Treasure

Ship Weapons & Upgrades

You can buy various other weapon attachments for your ship and upgrade them to increase each ones abilities.

Cannonball – Basic Cannon that has Infinite Ammo

Attack Damage Increased by Upgrading

Pirate Launcher – Blasts your crew members over to the opposing ship that can dismantle it's armor and cannons.

Duration Increased by Upgrading

Fireball – Launches Cannon Fire Balls

Attack Damage and Ammo Capacity Increased by Upgrading

Gigaball – Mega Cannon Ball Launcher

Attack Damage and Ammo Capacity Increased by Upgrading

Tortoise Shield – Shields the Ship from a certain amount of Damage

Damage Reduction Increased by Upgrading

Shooting Gallery – Automatic Cannon that shoots enemies when they get in range!

Attack Damage and Ammo Capacity Increased by Upgrading

Dragoon Ram – Pierce's the enemy ship to Damage it

Attack Damage and Durability Increased by Upgrading

Treasure Hunter – Extra Gold and Loot and Increases the Chance to find Treasure Maps and Special Items

Chance Increases by 1% per Upgrade

Medal Achievements

Medals are awarded throughout the game if you reach certain criteria.

The 5 main medals to be achieved are:

Fierce Killer: Kill a certain amount of enemies

Booty Hunter: Complete a certain amount of quests

Gentlemen of Fortune: Gain a certain amount of gold

Golden Shovel: Find a certain amount of golden treasures

Shipmaster: Buy a certain amount of ship upgrades

It's A Pirates Life!

Lets raise the anchor and set sail Captain, for we have many ventures to complete! Pirateers is one addicting pirate game with plenty of features to keep you busy, a great story line to keep you entertained and lots to spend your plundered booty on.


Source by Andy John Taylor

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