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Within the Dwarfs Army of the Armies of Order (in Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning) is the career option of an Ironbreaker. The Dwarfs' High King himself, Thorgrim Grudgebearer, describes the Ironbreaker as one which is similar to an anvil when you attack him. Your weapon will be disfigured, but your target – the Ironbreaker – will remain unscathed.

The Ironbreaker is the best dwarf warrior, wearing gromril armor and carrying the finest dwarven weaponry. Their shields are huge, heavy-duty, and highly durable. Stubborn, they defends his cause with a steadfast aim. There are three career masteries for them: the Path of Stone, the Path of Vengeance, and the Path of Brotherhood. In the path of stone, the Ironbreaker focuses on his defensive abilities. The path of vengeance, on the other hand, is concerned with the dwarf's primary characteristic: holding grudges. As the grudges accumulate, the more powerful they becomes. Lastly, in the path of brotherhood, he takes a balance between his defensive abilities and his begrudging character. This is considered as an ultimate path for the Ironbreaker, as anyone who takes this mastery will surely shape the finest dwarf warrior in an Ironbreaker. A number of gamers have constructed Warhammer Online Ironbreaker guides to help out newbies and other players in trying to both play as and fight against them.

The Ironbreaker has a remarkable list of skills and tactics which Warhammer Online Ironbreaker guide will explore further, and that are quite helpful in Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. Among these are:

1. the Guarded Attack
2. the Shield Sweep
3. the Shield of Reprisal
4. the Binding Grudge
5. the Taunt
6. the Heavy Blow

The Guarded Attack inflicts 75 damage against your opponent. While this may seem small, it is compensated for by the 618 increase in the Ironbreaker's armor for the next fifteen seconds. The Shield Sweep, meanwhile, will inflict 125 damage against your opponent as well as two other targets within range of 20 feet. The Shield of Reprisal brings the them additional 30 grudges and hits 150 damage against the enemy. The Binding Grudge occurs when the Ironbreaker chops his opponent's legs. The damages that may be inflicted on the enemy will depend on how much grudges they already has. For instance, if he has 25 grudges then the damage is up to 264 for ten seconds. If he has as much as 100 grudges, the damage is 570 for ten seconds. The Taunt is an ability to enrage the opponent in such a way that they attack you while losing 30% every time you attack back. The Heavy blow adds power to your weapon, increasing its force by 10% and making it easier for the Ironbreaker to ward off attacks and to inflict more damage. These are just few of the abilities which will surely entice players to choosing the Ironbreaker as a career option when playing for the Dwarfs Army in Warhammer Online. It is also useful to know of the top Warhammer Online Ironbreaker guide to help you with your game.


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