The Oil Rig in Entropia Universe


The Oil Rig in Entropia Universe is a much sought after destination in the game Entropia Universe. Its located just east of Twin Peaks, by a teleporter-center called Ashi. However, exactly what is the oil rig, and what does it do?

If you are new to Entropia Universe, it's a massively multiplayer online role playing game, but it has a science fiction setting, as opposed to the classical archetype of a fantasy setting. However, it is further set apart by the fact that the game has a real cash economy. You must deposit to receive funds in the game, but on the flip-side, it is possible to withdraw funds from the game, if you become rich. The game is known for the world's largest virtual purchases, mostly in virtual real-estate within the game, the last sale being 400,000 USD.

However, for what its worth, the previous owner of the 400,000 real estate, bought that property for 100,000 after mortgaging his house. At the same time, he made enough to repay the loan within six months., Due to being able to charge a tax on all transactions. He used this income to start himself into production of the entertainment industry, and now owns a whole planet in game.

So why is the Oil Rig important? Well its situated in the middle of a PVP (player versus player) zone, where players can loot each other. And, more importantly, it shoots off the oil resource, which is used for powering in-game vehicles and for powering other machines. It shoots of an approximate value of between 100-300 USD of oil per day.

In addition, in terms of content, the Oil Rig is incredibly fun. In addition to the Oil Rig facility itself, there are two giant fortresses to the North and South inside the PVP Zone. Control of these fortresses could be the key to victory in a large society versus society engagement (society being a collection of allied players). Between this, and the Rig's monetary assets, its easy to see why it is a very popular destination.


Source by Chris Patrick

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