Expanding Your General Knowledge Through Online Trivia Sites


Ever wondered how contestants on television quiz shows know the answers to so many questions? Most of the answers seem very familiar and are almost always on the tip of your tongue. Even then, the contestants seem to get many more correct answers that you would be able to, had you been in their place. Well, here's a great way for you to tap into all the time you spend on the Internet, to increase your general knowledge and recall skills on world geography and history trivia as well as the lives of famous personalities. This can very easily be done by using online encyclopedia websites.

Here are a few ways in which you can use these more effectively to develop a knowledge base that will very soon start impressing your friends and family.

* Spend at least five minutes a day reading up on fun trivia that interests you. Start with a subject that you like so that it becomes easier for you to remember the facts. This could be American history or historical figures of the 20th century. As the learning process continues you might feel like specializing in one particular area, or sticking to topics that capture your attention from one day to the next. Either which way, make sure that that you spend at least a few minutes of browsing through these sites to capture any information that catches your eye.

* Using websites that email trivia questions to your inbox everyday is another proactive way to increase your knowledge base. These are usually free. All you have to do is register – enter your name and email address on these online portals. They will soon start sending you daily emailers filled with interesting facts and trivia. Anytime you feel like unsubscribing, you can do so very easily in just a few simple steps. And you need not worry about getting unsolicited spam as these sites have very secure systems.

* Playing games is always a fun way to learn. Puzzles, word games, jigsaws and other varieties of learning tools are all easily available, and cater to different age groups and language groups. You will find a number of websites online that allow you to play games for free either by downloading them or playing them on the portal itself. However use a site that comes well recommended to avoid falling prey to viruses and Trojan horses.

By introducing yourself to one interesting fact at a time, very soon you will find a pattern in the trivia that catches your eye. Gradually you will start focusing on certain topics and subjects, which are much easier to master than taking on the entire body of general knowledge that exists. Focus on the smaller details and try and strive for perfection. A fact is useless unless it is accurate. And having to relearn what you have learnd erroneously is also very time consuming, something you should not set yourself up for.

And while it might not always be possible for you to find a way to test yourself, you will notice that you are gradually using what you have learnd in your daily conversations and at work. Very soon your family, friends and colleagues will start looking towards you for random trivia and interesting facts. Whether it is for amusement or a value addition to your general knowledge, you will start to feel a greater sense of fulfillment and confidence in your newly acquired skills.


Source by Jacob Ben

Internet Addiction and Children-Hidden Dangers and 15 Warning Signs


Timothy was twelve when his parents bought him a computer for his room, thinking it would be helpful to him with his homework, as he was entering junior high. Timothy took to the Internet immediately and soon discovered chat rooms and email. At first, Timothy's parents watched over his shoulder frequently to make sure he was using the Internet safely. After a little while though, they stopped monitoring his online habits. Soon problems arose, however. Timothy began to spend all of his free time in his bedroom, and was moody when asked to spend time with his family. His average grade dropped from an A to a D and he became irritable and angry when he was away from his computer. Timothy is a high risk for Internet addiction.

Computers have long been used by both children and adults as reliable sources of information. Over 20% of children now have computers in their own rooms and through the Internet have access to an unlimited supply of information and interaction. However, the risks of addiction are very great among children who are exposed to the Internet without strong parental guidelines.

Excessive Internet use in children can lead to health problems like obesity, headaches and general ill health due to lack of physical activity. Children may become socially maladjusted and less able to communicate well with friends and family. Pedophiles can and do target children online. There is a high risk that children who use the Internet excessively will be exposed to inappropriate sexual content as well as scams. Excessive game play and use of online services can also result in children spending money without their parents' knowledge. Finally, a majority of popular online games depict excessive use of violence. Viewing trivialized violence in a virtual world, like television or the Internet has been linked to marked increases in behavioral violence among young viewers.

So, what are the warning signs of Internet addiction? Psychological and media experts have compiled a list of warning signs for Internet addiction:

1. The Internet is frequently used as a means of escaping from problems or relieving a depressed mood.

2. Your child often loses track of time while online.

3. Sleep is sacrificed for the opportunity to spend more time online.

4. Your child prefers to spend more time online than with friends or family.

5. He / She lies to family member and friends about the amount of time or nature of surfing being done on the Internet.

6. Your child becomes irritable if not allowed to access the Internet.

7. He / She has lost interest in activities they once found enjoyable before getting online access.

8. Your child forms new relationships with people they have met online.

9. They check their email several times per day.

10. He / She has jeopardized relationships, achievements, or educational opportunities because of the Internet.

11. Your child disobeys the time limits that have been set for Internet usage.

12. They eat in front of the computer frequently.

13. Your child develops withdrawal symptoms including: anxiety, restlessness, or trembling hands after not using the Internet for a lengthy period of time.

14.Your child is preoccupied with getting back online when away from the computer.

15. They have trouble distinguishing between the virtual world and the real world.

It is very important that parents identify Internet addiction in their children at an early age and set limits on their Internet use. My next article will provide a no nonsense contract that parents can use with their children to set limits and boundaries on Internet use.


Source by Jason Dick

The Health Benefits of the Cricket Game


Cricket is a popular bat & ball sport that is in many ways similar to the American baseball. The batters attempt to hit a ball that has been pitched in order to score runs. The teams consist of eleven players, with each one of them having specific responsibilities. The cricket game offers a lot of competitive fun and excitement among other benefits. The game seeks to improve an individual's physical, social and emotional well-being. The benefits of cricket include:

· Physical benefits

Just like other competitive games, cricket requires skill, stamina, strength and coordination. The batsmen require an extraordinary hand to eye coordination in order to strike the pitched ball thrown at a speed of about 90 mph. The act of swinging a long and flat bat helps to build the upper body strength. The pitchers, who are commonly referred to as bowlers, require an exceptional flexibility and coordination to help hurl the cricket ball in an overhand throwing motion. On the other hand, fielders require speed and athleticism in order to chase the batted ball. When the batsmen put the ball in play, they need to sprint around the wickets to score runs. This helps a great deal in enhancing cardiovascular health. Furthermore, the games last for several days; therefore, the game helps to promote improved physical stamina.

· Emotional benefits

Playing cricket allows the player to learn how to handle success and failure. The intense pressure of the sport can be transferred to other aspects of life. Therefore, a cricket payer needs to work with his team to foster camaraderie, to accomplish goals, sense of unity and cooperation. This teamwork needs communication, helping to build stronger and new social relationships. Furthermore, cricket provides for emotional satisfaction in defining and achieving goals. A batter attempts to score a number of runs for every game, which gives them a high sense of purpose. Seeking to achieve these goals helps to improve confidence and discipline, making the sport an effective tool in shaping the player's self-esteem.

· Mental benefits

The cricket game needs a sharp mind. The batter needs to read the bowled ball and the fielders as well to recognize any weaknesses in the setup of the defense. Truly skilled batsmen have the ability of processing information and exploiting the vulnerable points in a blink of their eyes. A bowler too needs to analyze the swings of each individual batter and their tendencies to discover any exploitable weakness. Manning the field too helps to build the mental focus, as the players put into effect strategies for every hitter. Regardless of the positions played, cricket players attain toughness and superior mental concentration. They also achieve a strong mind that is required for handling the sport's rigors.


Source by Sila Rodney

The Oil Rig in Entropia Universe


The Oil Rig in Entropia Universe is a much sought after destination in the game Entropia Universe. Its located just east of Twin Peaks, by a teleporter-center called Ashi. However, exactly what is the oil rig, and what does it do?

If you are new to Entropia Universe, it's a massively multiplayer online role playing game, but it has a science fiction setting, as opposed to the classical archetype of a fantasy setting. However, it is further set apart by the fact that the game has a real cash economy. You must deposit to receive funds in the game, but on the flip-side, it is possible to withdraw funds from the game, if you become rich. The game is known for the world's largest virtual purchases, mostly in virtual real-estate within the game, the last sale being 400,000 USD.

However, for what its worth, the previous owner of the 400,000 real estate, bought that property for 100,000 after mortgaging his house. At the same time, he made enough to repay the loan within six months., Due to being able to charge a tax on all transactions. He used this income to start himself into production of the entertainment industry, and now owns a whole planet in game.

So why is the Oil Rig important? Well its situated in the middle of a PVP (player versus player) zone, where players can loot each other. And, more importantly, it shoots off the oil resource, which is used for powering in-game vehicles and for powering other machines. It shoots of an approximate value of between 100-300 USD of oil per day.

In addition, in terms of content, the Oil Rig is incredibly fun. In addition to the Oil Rig facility itself, there are two giant fortresses to the North and South inside the PVP Zone. Control of these fortresses could be the key to victory in a large society versus society engagement (society being a collection of allied players). Between this, and the Rig's monetary assets, its easy to see why it is a very popular destination.


Source by Chris Patrick

Can I Become a Video Game Tester If I'm Under 18?


If you're under 18 and wondering if you can get a video game testing job, the simple answer is yes. There are a few cases in which you will be eligible to become a video game tester. Unfortunately, your options are more limited than they would be if you were older.

For example, you will not be eligible for most on-site video game testing jobs. This involves going directly to the facility of the gaming company to test games early in the process. Most of these jobs are reserved for high school graduates and above, except in special cases where large groups of testers are needed. If you live near the facility of a gaming company, feel free to contact them about available video game testing jobs for teenagers.

Otherwise, off-site video game testing jobs are a lot easier for teens to qualify for. They are shorter term, but you can apply for many of them at the same time. These jobs will involve you testing the game in your own home, and they often begin later in the testing process. Off-site jobs are usually less restrictive and structured than testing on-site. You will have more freedom, but you will probably make less money.

The easiest way to get a video game testing job if you're under 18 is to sign up for a membership site online. These are the places that many companies take their game testing job openings to get them filled quickly. Unfortunately, most of the legitimate websites like this have a small fee associated with them. Unless you have your own debit card or PayPal account, you'll need your parents' help to get started.


Source by Serenity Carson

Downloading Free PS3 Games – Can You Download PS3 Games?


Downloading free PS3 games is now possible. And many people are downloading their free PS3 games right now. Downloading games online. Is cheap and effective. It's a good way to get unlimited games for free.

So how can you download PS3 games. First you well need internet and computer. Since you well be downloading these games from the internet. That faster the connection. The better. You know how that goes. Dial up well take a while. Especially if you are downloading a big file. Next you need to find a web site that you can download these games from. These site usually charge you one time for a membership. But once you are a member – You get free games downloads for life.

Now not all web site are created equal. In fact many are illegal. And are full of virus and spyware. So make sure that the site. You are downloading from. Is legal and has customer service at all times. In case you have question or something. You know you can call them anytime of the day. Here is a few things to look when you looking for a good website for downloading free PS3 games.

1) The web site should be 100 percent money back guaranteed. That way you are using it risk free.

2) A 24 hour customer service. That way you know. You can call them up when ever you want. Unlike the other sites. Where you can never get a whole of no one, where you could never get a whole of one. It can become really annoying.

3) The web site is 100 percent legal. When downloading your PS3 games for free. Make sure the web site you are downloading from is legal.

4) Make sure you can download all type of medias. Like movies and music. And games for other

console. Such as Wii and xBox 360.

4) Make sure you just have a pay one time. No paying for anything else. Such as per download fees. Or monthly free. And downloading free games for PS3 should be unlimited.

These are a few things that you should be looking for when downloading free PS3 games. So if you are wondering how you can download PS3 games. Now you know. That you can. Downloading games for free has never been easier. So take advantage of this. And download all the free games you want.


Source by Jennifer S Smith

How To Speed ​​Up The Spore Game On Windows PCs – Working Spore Speedup Tutorial


One of the most popular online games of the moment, Spore, is unfortunately causing a lot of problems for PC gamers. This game is considered to be one of the most extremely advanced and enjoyable games around, but in many instances, users are reporting setbacks while playing this game on their PCs. Most of the time the problem is that Spore loads or runs at a very slow pace in the computer and users are getting incredibly frustrated with it. If you experience this, you have to check out what is causing this trouble. There are a number of methods to counter this problem and make your gaming experience a more enjoying one.

Why Does Spore Often Run Slow?

When you play this highly exciting video game, it is annoying if the speed is not complementing the pace of the game. Fortunately, this game will be able to run much faster if you follow some easy steps and techniques, thus ensuring a more favorable playing experience. Some of the things you can do include:

  • shutting down the other programs that are running in your computer
  • updating Windows
  • ensuring that your registry is clean & fully operational

How To Make Spore Run Faster

To play Spore at a more acceptable speed, you have to first make sure all other applications or programs are closed. It may be very simple, but it is obviously a very effective solution to this problem. Most players play this game while simultaneously running other programs, which means Spore does not have access to the resources it needs. All applications require a certain amount of memory space to be loaded up in the computer, and if you have several programs that are open, expect these files to compete for the available memory. At times, your computer will have problems allocating the memory that is needed by these applications to run at the same time. If this is happening, Spore will not run as fast. Simply close down all these programs by simultaneously pressing CTRL, ALT & DELETE keys on the keyboard to open Task Manager. Select the Processes tab from the menu that shows up. Afterwards, remove the applications which have nothing to do with the Spore video game.

The next step that can be done is to adjust the settings of the game. Spore is a fast-paced game and the temptation is for you to crank the settings of the game to its maximum. Unfortunately, doing so can result in setbacks rather than enhance your game's experience. Using the advanced settings means your computer has to use up more processing power, thus, giving it a little room for the game to run as smoothly as it needs to. The settings should be reduced and it should be to a level that is just enough for your requirements. To do this, locate the game's "Settings" field and then look for the Video Options / Graphic Options and adjust to a lower level. Hopefully, you will notice an immediate difference in the speed of the game.

The final step is to ensure that your registry is clean. The registry is often the culprit that is affecting the game's speed. It has been identified as the cause of a lot of errors with other programs because so many failures and breakdowns in your system happen here. The registry is the central database where the vital files, settings, and information are recorded. The operating system has to read the necessary files that are kept here to run all of its programs efficiently. Once this registry becomes damaged, you will notice problems and errors occur, including the slowing down of your PC. Applications may also fail to be loaded up. To ensure you fix this problem, you have to use a registry cleaning program. This registry cleaner tool will scan your system and eliminate errors and address issues that may hamper your computer's performance.


Source by Katie Martins

The Benefits of Mahjong Games


Mahjong games owe their origin to China and they are played through use of tiles. It was not until in the 1920's that its popularity in countries such as the US begun. It is an intelligence game and requires a high sense of concentration. While it is a difficult game to master and learn, once a player gets the idea behind it, it becomes easy to excel in a limitless manner. Ordinarily, these require four players and while this is the case, there are variations. There are several benefits associated with it and some of these are as highlighted below.

Treatment of Dementia
Mahjong games can be classed as cognitive games and researchers claim that it has the ability of treating dementia. It requires a high sense of concentration, planning, calculation skills and memory and as such, a player's memory is always sharpened. Those people who play these games have the ability of developing cognitive measures and these effects last for a long duration if for any reason, they skip playing for a month.

Improvement of Cognitive Abilities
A large number of seniors suffer from dementia at one point in their life and by indulging in this they have a better chance of ensuring that this does not happen. This is because it sharpens memory skills and aids in keeping the mind sharp. In essence, they work in the same manner as crossword puzzles. It also improves the player's ability to react to different types of situations and this increases the capability of making fast decisions. When this is employed in the right manner, it also translates to improved living skills among individuals suffering from dementia.

Social Outlet
This is seen as an ideal social outlet for people from all groups and especially seniors. Socialization is important for this group and because of the benefits mentioned earlier, this gives them the chance to enjoy this end. Whether they choose to play from a senior's home or a nursing center, it serves the same purpose and this is seen as a major boost.

People from different age groups can enjoy the benefits associated with this sport. Children for instance, can learn how to play online. Due to the level of concentration it demands, it is seen as an ideal educational option for kids. What is more, it is seen as an ideal way of having fun while at the same time developing cognitive skills for this age group. In order to enjoy Mahjong games, one has to be calculating, strategic and lucky as well.


Source by Hagai Eisenberg

Hyperiums Review


Cost: Free with a yearly sub option $ 17.00 USD of / year
Modes: Two, Permanent and RLF (Real Life Friendly)
Style: Test based MMORTS (Mass Multiplayer Online Real Time Strategy)
Final Score: 4 out of 5

Hyperiums is a space based real time strategy game. This is a game designed around the social aspect of online RTS gaming. Although some will find mild success with playing solo, or pirating as it's referred to in the game, the majority of players will belong to an alliance.

This game can be played at home or from work as there are no ads in the game and is text based with very light game created graphics so there should be nothing that should be stopped by traditional work filters

The Facts (on a 5 star scale )

Graphics – 3

The simple fact is this is a text based game with virtually 0 graphics. There are some space fleet graphics that cycle through in the back ground and the planets icons are simple but clean. The font is easy enough to read as a yellowish font on a dark background. Nothing is fuzzy or hard to see. The only thing keeping this from getting a higher rating is the complete lack of any real graphics.

Replay Value – 4

I have been playing this game for six years now. This game is NEVER the same from day to day. You can be part of an alliance, you can commit treason and sell your alliance's planet list (if you have access), you can try to be a peaceful trader, you will fight in wars for territory, and the list goes on … The only thing that keeps this from getting a 5 is if you are a warmonger then you at some point you will become bored with the game.

Community – 5+

If I could give this a 6 I would. The Hyperiums community is like none other that I have been part of. They support and develop tools for the game and keep them updated and are CONSTANTLY making some kind of improvements. Even the author of the site will chime in from time to time and help the devs with things. Please do not misunderstand; there is also a fair amount of whining, complaining, and flaming done on the msg boards but its all in good fun and part of the game.

Its worth mentioning here that if you are not an avid mIRC user then you are going to want to be to play this game.

Mechanics – 4

The learning curve on this game is hard to explain (which is why it gets a 4 and not a 5). Its somewhat difficult to master the game (not anywhere near as hard as say EVE) but if you get in with a good alliance you should be fine. This game is a RTS game that is based on "time ticks" certain events that happen every day at the same time (based on server time of course). Once you learn these the game becomes much simpler.

The goal of the creator of this game is to create a permanent game that never has to be reset. Having said that in the time that I have been playing we have had 2 major resets (not bad for 6+ years)

Feel- 4

The overall game play and feel of this game works well together, there is not really anything about this game that makes it feel out of place or awkward. Its a fun place to play a game when you have 5min or 2hrs to kill. As the game progresses it does take up more of your time. Once you get far enough in the game it's easy to spend 3-5hrs a day on this game and sometimes more. This is for the permanent game; if you can not commit this much time there is a RLF (Real Life Friendly) version of the game that moves at a much slower pace with the "time ticks" spread out more. Some people play both !!

Personal Impressions

As stated above I have been playing this game for sixish years so yes I like it a lot. We have just had a hard reset on the game so it's a good time to get in a learn as even the vets of the game are having to figure out a few things again !! I am not naive, this game is not for everyone; however, if you like politics, war and strategy this is game is worth trying out.

My only request is that if you do try it out. Stick around for at least 30 days to get a good feel for it! If nothing else its a good game to play from work when your boss is not looking !!

Getting started

1. Start out in a protected super cluster
2. Look for an alliance to join right away


Source by Mads Vangsoe

Mastering Red Crucible 2 In a Few Easy Steps


Red Crucible 2 is my favorite online multiplayer game because it is rendered in 3D and features stunning effects, real-time lighting, and the opportunity to use some of the deadliest, cutting-edge weapons and vehicles in the world. After playing this game once, anyone will be hooked. Mastering the game requires some skill so here are some insider tips that I have used to play like a pro.

Take a Team Approach

In this game, players engage in air, vehicle, and infantry combat in several different arenas. Since it is multiplayer, tactics and strategies are required. Groups should fly or drive together to increase their firepower in an exponential way. Staying together also allows players to cover each other and puts more eyes on the surroundings to identify threats. Join friendly players and regroup as necessary to prevent anyone from traveling alone.

Travel by vehicle whenever possible because it is more difficult to destroy and shortens travel time. If friendlies are traveling together by tank and helicopter, the helicopters should cover the tanks. Drivers of tanks are exposed to threats can be seen from above. A helicopter can use the sun as a cover, becoming difficult to spot.

Success at Red Crucible 2 Requires Attention

Helicopters are often the first targets encountered during game play. They are faster than tanks and stay above the line of sight. Keep an eye on the sky while battling enemies on the ground. If out in the open, do not attack a helicopter. Do this from a covered position such as behind a bush, building, or vehicle. An effective trick is to attack helicopters from behind an empty vehicle. My enemies become confused and instead of attacking me, they attack the vehicle in front of me.

To spot targets and attack them, use the different views. Driver, gunner, focus, and third-person views make it easier to locate targets and attack them. Never shoot without a target in range because an enemy miles away can spot the missile or shell. Sounds of shooting also reveal a hidden location to an enemy.

Though this is a shooting game, it is sometimes better not to attack. If a target is difficult to destroy, go around it and find a more suitable target. Continue moving toward the enemy base, establishing an offensive position. Keep moving while attacking and navigate from one cover position to another. Keep these tips to yourself because they will help you win!


Source by Shane McConnell, Jr.